Samsara Cancellation Policy



  • Cancellation for classes received more than 3 hours before your booked class starts is allowed with no penalties. This allows waitlist students to be contacted and invited to the class. A new class can be booked in place of the cancelled class but payments are not refundable.
  • Late Cancellation, within 3 hours of the start of the booked class, or a ‘No Show’ (failure to turn up for a class at all) will incur the following:
    a) Subscriber Members: More than 3 late cancellations or no shows in one month will result in the suspension of your online booking privilege for the following month.
    b) Class Pack Students: Will result in the deduction of the class from your pass.
    c) New Client Offer Students: If you book into a class and do not attend then this is classed as a 'no show' and you will need to pay £5 in order to continue the 2 week offer. If you acquire a second 'no show' then the offer will be terminated
  • Please remember that you must go to our online booking system and remove yourself from the class list if you cannot attend a class.

Workshops and Beginners Course Cancellations

  • You may cancel any booking for a course or workshop if you give us 30 days or more notice of cancellation before its start date, although we will charge you an administration fee to process your cancellation. This administration fee is £5 where the cost of the course or workshop is less than £50 and is £10 where the cost is £50 or more.
  • If you wish to cancel within 30 days of the start date there will be no refund unless there is a waiting list for the event and we can transfer your booking to another applicant. Only the administration fee as above will be payable if we succeed in transferring your booking to someone else.
  • You may transfer your booking to someone else, but we ask that you let us know so that the substitute's name appears on the sign-in lists. Please do this by e-mailing
  • We reserve the right to cancel a course or workshop in the event of exceptional circumstances that means we are unable to offer the event as advertised or if there are insufficient numbers booked into the event for it to be commercially viable. Should this happen you will be given a full refund of fees you have paid.

Beauty Treatments & Therapies

  • 24 hours' notice is required to change or cancel an appointment. Please call reception on 020 8874 4500 or e-mail us on
  • If you fail to attend your appointment or you cancel within 3 hours of the appointment, you will be charged 100% of the booked treatment amount.
  • If the appointment is cancelled within the 24 hours, but with more than 3 hours’ notice, you will be charged 50% of the booked treatment amount.
  • The Company retains the right to refuse advance bookings without a deposit or payment in advance if a customer has a history of cancelling appointments.