A variety of treatments could be incorporated in your individual panchakarma regime, and could include any combination of the following:

Snehan - The application of oil to the body                                   

Snehan is the application of oil to the body externally and/or internally. From basic massage to more complex ones, all internal therapeutic oil treatments are a form of Snehan. Though the term denotes a large spectrum of treatments, here we are referring to Snehanas a basic massage using medicinal Ayurvedic oils.                                     

Abhyanga - Ayurvedic Full Body Massage                         

A traditional massage characterised by long flowing strokes where accumulated stress and toxins dissolve. This is a relaxing treatment that improves lymph flow, stimulates the immune system, detoxifies, strengthens and revitalises the entire nervous system. An integral part of most Ayurvedic health programs. A powerful recharger and rejuvenator.

Marma Abhyanga - Ayurvedic Energy Point Massage                   

This purifying and invigorating massage combines the traditional abhyanga techniques of long circular strokes with that of the accupressure - Marma points, to promote healingand release physical and emotional blockages. It is an invigorating yet relaxing treatment which helps eliminate toxins, and regenerate the entire body for renewed health and vitality.

Prashtha Abhyanga - Ayurvedic Back Massage                              

Recommended for pain, tension and stiffness of the back and shoulders. Special Ayurvedic oils are used for this therapeutic massage geared towards relieving back pain and wiping stress away. All at once relaxing and revitalising, it improves blood circulation to the back and relieves tension throughout the body. A course of treatments is very beneficial for those suffering from chronic back pain.

Nabhi Abhyanga - Ayurvedic Abdominal Massage            

Strengthens the abdominal muscles and alleviates digestive problems. The stimulation of Marma points will intensify the detoxification process, increasing metabolism and assisting weight loss programmes.  Nabhi Abhyanga is also ideal for post-pregnancy toning, and treatment of all digestive disorders, such as bloating, constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Kati Basti - Ayurvedic Lower Back Massage                                   

This unique massage focuses on the lower back, correcting postural imbalances and alleviating the tension caused from sitting for prolonged periods. It helps treat all lower back ailments, including acute and chronic pain, sciatica and nerve disorders. During the session a dough ring is placed on the affected areas and filled with warm medicated herbal oil, thus penetrating deeper into the tissues, and softening stiff muscles.




Greeva Basti - Ayurvedic Neck Treatment                                    

This special warm oil treatment for the back and neck is ideal for people suffering from acute and chronic neck pains, nerve problems, and stress-related ailments. Therapy starts with an Abhyanga massage, then a dough ring is positioned on the back of the neck and filled with warm medicated herbal oil. The healing properties of the oil clean and fortify the blood, build strong muscles and connective tissue, and lubricate the joints.

Hridaya Basti - Ayurvedic Heart Treatment                                 

With Hridaya Basti, the heart region is bathed in warm herbal oil. This treatment has an almost hypnotising effect on the body and mind, leaving you extremely relaxed and relieved. It is particularly effective in dealing with deep seated grief, fear, panic, and other negative emotions associated with the heart chakra. Physically, it helps rejuvenate the area while bringing balance and strength to the heart and its functions.

Pinda Sweda - Ayurvedic Herbal Bolus                                          

Pinda Sweda is a combination of massage and sweating therapy. The body is massaged with warm herb-infused oil, and herbal packs (that have soaked in the same oil) are heated and compressed to all key areas and joints throughout the body.The sweating process is engaged so the circulatory channels of the body can be cleared of toxic substances. This thermal Ayurvedic treatment is followed by a full-body steam (Swedana). It is highly recommended for rheumatic conditions. The herbs used are always tailored to the doshas and ailments of each individual.

Udvartana - Ayurvedic Herbal Scrub Massage                             

Udvartana is a unique weight loss treatment that involves the application of warm oil and finely ground herbs all over the body.The process encourages the elimination of toxins andfat reduction while strengthening the superficial tissues. This natural and powerful ‘body scrub’ will activate the skin’smetabolism, smooth away cellulite, and improve circulation and digestion. The skin is left feeling smooth, soft and silky.

Classic Shirodhara - Ayurvedic Oil Flow Treatment                    

A blissful experience involving a continuous stream of warm oil gently poured over ‘the third eye’ on the forehead. Deeply relaxing, this treatment helps remove stress, create mental clarity and induce a sense of total wellbeing. Includes a full-body Snehan with medicinal Ayurvedic oil as preparation. The crowning jewel of Ayurvedic treatments not to be missed!

Pada Abhyanga - Ayurvedic Foot Massage                                                   

This relaxing foot massage is highly revitalising for tired legs and feet, while also increasing the flow of energy within the entire body. Very helpful for people with stress, anxiety and sleeping disorders. Improves circulatory disorders, eliminates toxins, swelling and soreness of the feet.