Retreat Package

Retreat Package includes:

  •  10 Days / £1,100 or 14 Days / £1,450
  •   En-suite accommodation (double room / private)
  •   Freshly prepared meals, organic and local, sattvic vegetarian unless  
      otherwise advised by the Ayurvedic Doctor for your specific  
      panchakarma treatment program
  •   Ayurvedic consultation
  •   Personalised Panchakarma Treatment Program with daily  
  •   All medicine and herbs for the treatments, all mixed onsite


Retreat Package does not include:

  •   Flights to/from Chennai
  •   Airport Transfer from the airport to Askok Tree (around £30, additional fee may apply for transfers from Bangalore)
  •   Additional treatments outside of the Panchakarma
     10 or 14-day program
  •   Additional nights & meals at the Ashok Tree