About Ashok Tree


Ashok Tree is based 15 minutes drive from Tiruvannamalai, where you can visit Swami Ramana Maharash's Ashram, the caves where he lived, hike Arunchala, tour Annamalaiyar Temple from yhe 9th century or catch the market vibe.




The 2 Guest Houses comprise 16 rooms en-suite with magnificent views towards the holy mountain of Arunachala.



Ashok Tree covers a 10-acre area with a variety of trees, fruit trees, flowers, plants including Palm, Teak and Neem Trees.




There are many places to walk, meditate, dream and get lost with your own thoughts.You can enjoy a walking meditation, explore the orchards and organic  vegetable gardens or simply chill out in a hammock under a tree.                                                        




The facilities include a purpose built Yoga Shala, Meditation Shala, Pancha Tattva Shala for ceremonies, Yajna for fire ceremonies, Sarveshwar Temple , a community place , 10m kitchen , dedicated eating area and a  library.