Our Pilates Teachers at the South West London Studios | Samsara

Vanessa Headland

Vanessa discovered the Pilates method whilst studying for a Degree in Ballet Education at the Royal Academy of Dance in London. Like many ballet dancers, her body took the toll of this career path and thus suffered countless injuries especially in the lower back region. It was during a particularly intense training period that she realised she needed some form of body conditioning to help support her both physically and mentally on her journey to becoming a ballet dancer and teacher.

Vanessa began Pilates mat work classes as a ‘guinea pig’ for a Body Arts and Science International (BASI) trainee teacher during the Spring of 2008 and can happily say that she hasn't looked back, qualifying as a Pilates Mat Work Instructor with the renown BASI organisation in 2012.

Since 2012, Vanessa has worked with a wide range of clients from ballet dancers to city workers and postnatal ladies to the elderly, all of whom inspire and bring new and exciting challenges which help to develop her as a teacher every day. The Pilates method is a true passion of Vanessa's and she believes that it can enhance not only your body inside and out but also your life in the most positive way.

Nadiya Hrytsyn

Nadiya discovered Pilates in 2011 as a recovery from lower back injuries. The benefits she achieved from her practise inspired her to understand more about how Pilates method works and she decided not to only take Pilates lessons but also take her interest further by becoming a qualified instructor so she could help others in learning and enjoying Pilates.

She completed her Mat and Reformer Certifications with Body Control Pilates. Believing that the learning process should never stop, Nadiya preparing to to gain her Comprehensive Studio Certification and has currently undertaken Exercise Referral Course for Fitness Professionals .

Nadiya passionately believes that Pilates can help everyone in everyday day life. Making you stronger, leaner and happier. She concentrates on precision of movement, promoting better alignment and body awareness. 

Simona Rosa

From an early age Simona participated in modern dance and gymnastics. She is a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor. Simona is also teaching Advanced Pilates and Pilates mat work.

Her classes are energising, a complete body workout where students will develop core strength, stamina, balance and inner-stillness. Through the observation of the breath, with focus and awareness on harmonious body alignment, integrity and deepening of postures, you will experience the union of mind, body, and spirit.

Simona encourages students to go to their initial limits and then progress beyond. Simona strongly believes that it is essential to keep a positive attitude towards your inner self and life in general. She gives attention to detail, alignment to prevent injuries and believes that a practice with a still and positive mind will cause everything to fall into place.


Gosia Malyszko

From an early age Gosia had a passion for sports. Before her Pilates journey began, she has been teaching different types of classes like high intensity, step and circuits.

She discovered Pilates after a knee injury in 2011 and she fell in love with it straight after she took her first class.

She decided to follow her new passion and acquired her Pilates teaching qualifications stage I and II in Poland and started teaching in UK after moving here in 2012. Gosia truly believes that one should never stop learning, which is why she continued her study and transitioned into Body Control Pilates teacher in UK. She also attends many workshops every year to keep up to date with all the latest news and research.

Gosia believes Pilates is for everyone, no matter the age or fitness level, and that it can make people feel better about themselves. Her goal is to make you understand how to connect with your body and be in control of it in everyday life, so you can live a healthy and pain-free life, feeling toned, powerful and confident.

Gosia loves smooth transitions between exercises, so for the whole duration of the class you will feel as though you are flying from one position into the other.

Lily Basnet
Pilates Teacher

Lily is a central London based Pilates teacher, Alan Herdman and BASI ( Body Arts and Science International ) qualified - mat and equipment. BASI Pilates is a leading Pilates education academy with a reputation for innovation, dedication and academic excellence. Lily specialises in postural alignment, remedial, post injury, pre and post-pregnancy and all levels of Pilates, with experience of teaching in various kinds of Pilates environments, studio, mat, groups and privates that spans over 10 years. She arrived at Pilates from a personal training, sports massage, sports nutrition and foundation osteopathy background and also recently qualifying in Sufism meditation teacher training. Lily's warmth and attention to detail in each class is second to none.

Genine Adam

Genine qualified 13 years ago in the Authentic Classical Pilates method in both mat and equipment training.  Genine spent 6 years at the New York Pilates Studio in North London, the first authentic studio to open in the UK, where she taught many high profile clients. Her attention to detail and getting the best out of her clients was very well received.

Following the birth of her first child, Genine has had a special interest in pre and post natal training.

Her passion for Pilates has developed from a life long interest in exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.  She sees Pilates as the definitive exercise technique, which can be adapted to suit individual needs, working the deep core muscles to correct posture, flattening the stomach, strengthening the back, assisting recovery after an injury and helping to re-balance the body after childbirth.

Genine’s excellent training skills allow her to fully challenge people. She takes her clients through custom programs built on the integrity of the classical technique, keeping them moving with the proper form to maximize the benefits from each session. Just as importantly, her exuberant personality and creativity keep sessions fun and fresh.