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This month we welcome Michael Wagner to our teaching team! We sat him down for his Samsara Teacher Q&A and here are his answers. 

Who inspires you the most? Life itself and my teacher Sri Dharma Mittra in NY.

What are your top self-care tips? Be gentle to your self. A stressed mind is the worst enemy, a relaxed mind is the best ally.

When is your favourite time to practice yoga? Now :) I do prefer the early mornings and evenings, but every time has it’s quality. 

Run to catch the bus or stroll and wait for the next one? I always wait if I can. 

What is the soundtrack to your life? Om.

North or South of the river? I live North of the river, but also enjoy to travel South. 

What food could you not live without? Fruits, veggies and Müsli.  

What is your mantra for life? Om namah shivaya.

Tell us a secret skill we didn't know you had. I can cook and bake even better.

Describe your teaching style in 3 words. Traditional, challenging, self-realizing. 


Michael teaches Beginners Vinyasa Flow every Monday at 8.15pm and Dharma Yoga every Saturday at 4.30pm.

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