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Many of you will already know our very well loved Dharma Mittra teacher Emi. A shining light in the studio on a Tuesday afternoon. Find out some little known facts about Emi in this months Teacher Q&A.  Which asana is your nemesis? I have many poses I haven't mastered yet but none of them are my nemesis. They are my friends as well as my teachers. What did you have for breakfast this morning? Warm lemon water. I squeeze fresh lemon into warm water and drink it every morning...
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Spring is finally here! We may have lost an hour on Sunday but in return we have gained a glorious new season. Spring is a Kapha time and the perfect opportunity to detox. As we move into the new season it's important to reduce our intake of heavy, cold and wet food such as dairy, sweets, nuts and wheat. Hot and well spiced food are much more suited to Spring. As well as focusing on diet, Ayurvedic treatments are also a great way to rebalance during Spring. An...
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Meet Caroline, the newest member of the Samsara teaching team. Caroline brings with her bags of experience and a style of teaching that's both challenging and fun. Find out more about Caroline in her Teacher Q&A, all the important topics of interest of course; breakfast, guilty pleasures and holidays! Caroline teaches Dynamic Vinyasa Level 2 on Monday evening at 8pm.  What asana is your nemesis? Hardest asana would be lotus - i love it and i hate it. It's taken me...
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Get to know our Pregnancy and Mum & Baby Yoga teacher Annika in this months Samsara teacher Q&A. Bet you can't imagine that Annika is also a Chartered Accountant with a weakness for chocolate! Which asana is your nemesis? Probably Gomukhasana (cow face pose). I have quite tight hips so have a love-hate relationship with this pose. I know it's a great pose for me but I tend to avoid it as I find it rather painful! What is your guilty pleasure? Eating a massive block of...
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  Get to know a bit more about our Dynamic Vinyasa teacher Austin Ince. Is he a North or South or the river kind of guy and what's his mantra for life? Find out below! What is you nemesis pose? I don't believe in Nemesis; If you have one, change your mind and embrace it. The things you don't like doing are the things you need to do. Run to catch the bus or stroll and wait for the next one? It would be at a stroll for sure. I run if I know...