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It's Naz's turn in the Q&A hot seat this month.  Which asana is your nemesis? Oooohhh Hanumanasana!   What is your guilty pleasure? A chai latte from Costa! Its like a warm hug in the winter!   What did you have for breakfast this morning? Hot water, lemon and ginger, followed by a full power green smoothie ( Kale, spinach, apple, more ginger, banana, chia seeds, hemp seeds, goji berries, wheatgrass and spirulina)   Run to catch the bus or stroll and...
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by Nathalie Joel Smith Experience the Magic of Retreat! Last night one of my regular students walked into class utterly blissed out. Just back from a weekend retreat, she struggled to put into words how much it meant to her. Work stress was completely dropped, new friendships made, and she felt a deep and honest connection with herself. As she talked about this, overwhelmed by what she had experienced, she couldn’t hold back tears of sheer joy. Oh, the magic of retreat. I’ve felt it...
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Some of you will be aware that in the last few months we have had numerous problems with leaks and the subsequent damage it has caused to the studio. After a lengthy process of investigation we are pleased to let you know that the root cause of the issue has been identified which means we can finally start with the repairs to the studio. Thankfully this will mean an end to future disruption, however a significant amount of repair work needs to be carried out, including the removal of the...
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And now to introduce this ray of sunshine. Say hello to our new Assistant Studio Manager, Dagmara aka Daga. As our first every Assistant Studio Manager, Daga bring with her bags of experience in retail and corporate environments and so is well equipped to help Helena steer the Samsara ship and keep things running smoothly. As well as a wealth of skills and experience Daga is a passionate yogi so she’ll fit in just fine! A dynamic bunny who holds Dharma and Power Yoga styles close to heart,...
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Whenever I find myself surrounded by people sneezing with red eyes, itchy throat, runny nose or hives on the skin I know the hay fever season is officially here! Nature is awakening after a winter sleep; blossoming and spreading its beauty around, filling us with new energy and making us feel alive again. For some of us however, it can have not such a positive effect. Pollen, dust and other substances create an allergic reaction by irritating the lining of the nasal passages. This happens when...