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Meet Caroline, the newest member of the Samsara teaching team. Caroline brings with her bags of experience and a style of teaching that's both challenging and fun. Find out more about Caroline in her Teacher Q&A, all the important topics of interest of course; breakfast, guilty pleasures and holidays! Caroline teaches Dynamic Vinyasa Level 2 on Monday evening at 8pm. 

What asana is your nemesis?

Hardest asana would be lotus - i love it and i hate it. It's taken me 6 years to get it. My hips like it but my ankles and knees don't and i struggle to stay in it for long! Its a reminder that anything is possible (i thought i would never do it) but it is also a reminder of my journey ahead...

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Chocolate. I love it, a little too much. I like to tell myself its not guilty unless i have that attitude towards it, but in truth we all know its usually just a lot of sugar we don't need!

What is the soundtrack to your life?

This is a hard one! Probably the song Lissie 'I'm on the pursuit to happiness'

What is your life Mantra?  

'Just being is fun'

Where did you last go on holiday and did you take your mat?

Last went on holiday to India with my mat (of course) and did Stewart Gilchrist's retreat. Best teacher I have ever had and it was an amazing place too!

What did you eat for breakfast?

This morning for breakfast I had fruit and homemade museli with coconut yoghurt - same as always!

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