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The Taoist concepts of Yin Yang describe the two qualities or energies present in everything, one cannot exist without the other; they're interrelated and relative. Yin qualities can be thought of as more internal, passive, cooling and downward while Yang is more external, dynamic, warming and upward. Yin Yang creates equanimity (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) on all levels. The class begins with a Yang practice (represented by vinyasa flow) and is dynamic,...
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The Magic of Copper Water Copper is a commonly known metal however information surrounding it may often be limited to a brief recollection of it’s position on the periodical table from a chemistry lesson or that it is used for Indian cooking pots. But, there is so much more to this mental than that. Copper is all around us, in wires, pipes and coins the knowledge of its effect isn’t so widely spread? Since ancient times copper has been valued for its many benefits. In fact, copper was the...
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TULSI - holy basil (Ocimum Sanctum) Our herb of the month for May is the increadible Tulsi. A cherished herb in Ayurveda, it's likely that you may well not have heard of Tulsi so far. The good news is that you can now welcome it into your life as a powerful immune booster, infection fighter and new friend for your respiratory system. Tulsi can be bought in capsule form and taken as a supplement. Here's a list of Tulsi's superpowers.  Great for viral infection Immune-...
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 A step-by-step guide to a seasonal Ayuredic detox When the days get longer and the sun grows in strength, the world wakes up to the new energy. Spring is a time of transition and rebirth, which very often can feel a bit overwhelming. Months of stagnation, darkness and coldness have a visible impact on our body and emotions. To kick start the new season, we need to clean the residue from the previous one. Just as you might spring clean your home, the body and mind need some clearing...
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Transition into Spring with an Ayurvedic nostril treatment Nasya therapy is a go to treatment for ailments such as colds, sinus issues, general congestion and also migraines. It’s one of the five purification methods in Panchakarma therapy, the most powerful detoxifying and rejuvenating process in Ayurveda, and is also commonly done as an Ayurvedic treatment on its own. How it’s done Nasya is administered through the nostrils, which in Ayurveda are believed to be the doorway to mind....