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   What is Shiatsu? Shiatsu is a form of bodywork originating in Japan. It can help with stress, back pain and sports injuries, as well as being a general restorative and truly relaxing experience. The principles of Shiatsu are rooted in the traditions of oriental medicine using similar energy channels and points as acupuncture, but using non-invasive touch, pressure, stretching and mobilisation techniques. What can you expect? Each hour-long session will begin with...
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After a glorious summer we have now entered autumn... Autumn is a Vata season, characterised by the element of air, which brings with it the promise of wind, cooler temperatures, dryness and crackling leaves.  Its rhythms remind us that it's time to turn inside to nourish the body and mind. By introducing a few simple daily rituals into your usual mix you can start preventing sickness and disease today and stay healthy throughout autumn. Simple tips: Scrub your tongue of...
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Welcome to Samsara Mind and Body’s first beauty blog post! We are very excited about posting our Beauty Tips and sharing our holistic approach to beauty and wellbeing. We are looking forward to creating an interactive beauty blog, a space where you can ask questions, ask for specific advice about skin care, beauty treatments, products, nutrition and much more! We will feature our “ask the Therapist” post every week where we will discuss a topic and try to answer all your questions....
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Lying down, completely relaxed, I can feel heat on my skin, a glow on my face, cool tunes playing in the background… no I’m not on holiday, I’m in a hot yoga class… and it’s heaven!! So I’m going to start by being completely honest, I was a little put off the idea of hot yoga after my Bikram experiences many years ago… it simply wasn’t for me. The extreme heat made me feel faint, I sweat so much that grip was a distant memory... goodbye downward dog, hello Bambi on ice! Plus, as much as...