The art of not forcing things.

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The art of not forcing things.

January is traditionally a time to reflect on the past year, assess what we want to change and to begin a fresh page of our lives.  We all prepare a new year’s resolution and it seems like the perfect time to quit an unhealthy habit, start a new hobby or kick-start an undiscovered dream.  But so often our efforts to change things can go by the way side and before we know it we are back to where we were, scratching our heads and puzzled at how we let things slip. Or worse, we feel defeated and have to admit failure to ourselves and others.

Reflecting on the bad stuff in our lives is clearly important.  Also any catalyst to change for the better is, of course, a positive one.  But is this binge or bust attitude to life helpful and a positive way to live?

Goals in life are necessary for progression as they assist our understanding where we are and where we want to go. But one must question if we are often making grand insurmountable goals that we are bound to fail?  The media nurtures an appreciation for perfection and cultivates an obsession with overnight change and quick fixes.  Whether it’s our career path, love interest, personal appearance or health and fitness, there seems to be a need to make it better, to improve and to perfect.  But does perfection really exist or are we all being sucked into a honey trap searching for the unobtainable?

We are all human. And desire is a very powerful human emotion. But tugging at life and forcing things to change is like pushing a stubborn mule up a hill. The real changes in life happen quietly with patience and steady perseverance. The overnight success stories in the press may seem glamorous but do they reveal the true path that has been taken?  Or are they rather a snap shot, before and after, side by side to compare and marvel at?

We all have our faults and our weak points, our shortcomings and our vices. As they say, nobody’s ‘perfect’.  … Unless we look at it another way.  One could say that really perfection is in abundance within us and around us every single day.  All we have to do is notice it. 

Written by Jo Rooks

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