The Journey to Morocco - A Valentine's Holistic Beauty Package

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The Journey to Morocco Valentine’s Holistic Beauty Package is inspired by the Romantic vision of Casablanca and Ilsa and Rick's one time love!

This treatment is a journey into the world’s finest holistic therapies and exotic ingredients; with warmed Moroccan Argan oil and Black Mud. After your treatment, unwind with a sweet spiced tea.

Using the age-old soothing remedy of Neroli, this candle-lit journey will send you into the depths of deep relaxation and complete calm....

This 90-minute treatment consists of:

  • A Black Mud organic body mask
  • A warm oil massage
  • An orange blossom and rose facial treatment


To book this very special treatment of the month for you or a loved one...

Call us on 0208 874 4500




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