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An Easter Treat Just for you! 

Experience our Chocolate Wrap Treatment to detoxify the body both internally and externally, while the scent of chocolate releases endorphins that cause you to feel happy (without the calories)! 

Available April 17th - 30th only!

Chocolate Therapy

  • A mixture of cacao bean and grape seed oil scrub helps get rid of all the dead cells accumulated on the surface of the skin
  • After exfoliation, your skin is covered completely in a chocolate mask; a mineral-rich sea clay infused with a combination of dark chocolate oil, essence of cocoa, grape seed oil, milk, honey, jojoba oil, ginseng and vitamin extracts
  • The body is wrapped in a thermal blanket, so that the impurities can be drawn out. To maximize the relaxing benefits of the chocolate wrap you stay within the wrap for at least 20 minutes
  • Choose an Indian Head Massage or Reflexology to enioy while you are all wrapped up in chocolate!
  • Next take a shower in the privacy of our luxurious therpay room, to remove the chocolate wraps
  • To finish, Mandarin and sweet orange oil is applied on to the skin, using a relaxing massage technique

There are many health benefits associated with the chocolate body wrap treatment, some of which include –
- A thinner and leaner look 
- Wrinkles get plumped out as moisturizing lipids are added to the skin
- The polyphenols in cocoa delay the ageing process, causing you to look younger
- The skin takes on a smooth glow as it gets moisturized and hydrated during the procedure
- Dead skin cells are exfoliated
- The scent of chocolate releases endorphins and causes you to feel happy
- The pores of the skin get detoxified. 



(full price £100.00) 

To Book
Call 0208 874 4500
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