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The refurbishment works are finally complete and our doors will finally be reopening on Friday 21st August. We're so excited to welcome you all back to the studio and start a whole new chapter together. You'll notice a few changes such as a new entrance so no more having to walk around the railings, hoorah. Watch this space for other exciting developments and initiatives. See you soon! 
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Join us from 6.30pm on Saturday 29th August to celebrate our 2nd birthday and the reopening of the studio. They'll be free yoga, nibbles after class and a chance to catch up. Look forward to seeing you all then. 
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21 Day Warrior Challenge Challenges are great because they give you the opportunity to take part in a repetitive practice, and regular yoga increases your fitness and skill level. In our Warrior Challenge – practice 21 days of yoga throughout the 30 days of September and see amazing results! Over the month, you’ll take a range of classes and meet a lot of teachers and fellow yogis. It takes 21 days to form a new habit, so by the end of the challenge you’ll have established a great new...
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Dear all, I would like to update you on the status of our refurbishment and closure. Unfortunately, in the last few days the full extent of the water damage has come to light and the drying specialists advised us that the cement underneath the flooring is much wetter than they previously anticipated. Although the drying process is well underway, we have come to understand the meaning of the phrase 'watching paint dry'. Sadly there is nothing we can do but give it time. This means that we won...
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It's Naz's turn in the Q&A hot seat this month.  Which asana is your nemesis? Oooohhh Hanumanasana!   What is your guilty pleasure? A chai latte from Costa! Its like a warm hug in the winter!   What did you have for breakfast this morning? Hot water, lemon and ginger, followed by a full power green smoothie ( Kale, spinach, apple, more ginger, banana, chia seeds, hemp seeds, goji berries, wheatgrass and spirulina)   Run to catch the bus or stroll and...