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Having worked in the corporate world since leaving University, the fast-paced and unhealthy lifestyle left Natasha wanting more. Natasha felt the need to reevaluate her career path and explore her creative side and her love of Philosophy, Yoga and Spirituality so she travelled to India and lived in an ashram. At Yoga Vidya Gurukul she was immersed in the Yogic way of life and Satyananda’s style of Yoga and Yoga Nidra. Following India, Natasha has trained in Vinyasa Yoga, Hot Yoga and Yin Yoga...
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This month we're taking our Yoga off the mat with #SamsaraStopDropandYoga, a fun little competition on Instagram to win some great prizes and inject a bit of fun into November. Instagram is full of Yoga challenges and competitions and you'll probably be used to seeing yogis in dancers pose at the edge of a cliff or handsfree head stands on the beach. Well we're going for a little twist, bringing Yoga to the more mundane of situations. In the case of this challenge, less is more....
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What is your guilty pleasure? Chocolate Where did you last go on holiday and did you take a mat?   Pinecliffs in Portugal with my Yoga Mat & Tennis Racket!  What is the soundtrack to your life? It’s a BitterSweet Symphony….:)  North or South of the river? I’ve lived North for the last 12 years and finally moving back South, near Samsara, so I’m officially a Southerner again, back to my roots!   What is your mantra for life?...
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Which asana is your nemesis?  The word nemesis strike me more then anything.  I had to look in up in my old english dictionary which I have carried with me over the last 3 year. Thank you for expanding my vocabulary. Every posture can be a nemesis if I don't want to practice.  I usually love all the poses, so I have not found any one specific one yet that can be considered my nemesis.  What is your guilty pleasure?  My guilty pleasure is hiding away and...
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Which asana is your nemesis? Asana(s) provide an opportunity to explore one’s self. After suffering a severe shoulder injury last year I became “fearful” in my practice; Fear of re-injury, fear of instability, fear of inadequacy. What were once easy poses were no longer accessible. I am still working through (pose by pose) arm balances and inversions that require shoulder stability and trust. My nemesis asana(s) are frustrating indeed but have become my teachers and for that I appreciate...