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In Ayurveda the nostrils are considered to be the window to the mind. This would explain why being bunged up and full of cold usually come hand-in-hand with a feeling of disorientation and general lack of spark. If you’re ever suffering with such symptoms, Nasya is a great treatment to try. Warm, medicated oil is gently applied to the nostrils, to clear and nourish the sinus passageway which in turn eliminates toxins from the head, neck, brain, ears, nose, and throat. It is used to maintain good health but also to prevent and treat ailments associated with the head and neck.

Known to relieve acute and chronic sinus problems such as mucus congestion, allergies, dry nasal passages and even snoring, Nasya has a whole host of benefits, and not just physiological ones. This treatment also helps with anxiety and stress as it clears and strengthens the mind and improves concentration, stimulating the nervous system.

Nasya receives high praise in the yoga world for its effect on concentration and meditation, as well as its lubricating qualities which soothes the drying of the nasal passages from regular breathing practices (Pranayama).

Done in the morning, this treatment will prepare you for a busy day and awaken your natural energy. As a little incentive to try out pastures new we’re offering 20% off this treatment until 3rd November. Give us a call on 0208874 4500 to get booked in.  

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