Face & Head Treatments

Ayurveda is one of the oldest and world’s most sophisticated holistic health systems.  Thousands of years before modern medicine provided scientific evidence for the mind-body connection, the sages of ancient India discovered the complex workings of our mind and body and the subtle movement of energy and intelligence that sustain the life on earth.  According to the principles of Ayurveda, freedom from illness depends upon living in harmony with nature and expanding our own awareness and bringing it into balance. Once that balance is achieved, or restored, it can then be extended to the body.  
Ayurveda can be defined as a system, which uses the inherent principles of nature, to prolong life and promote perfect health.  But Ayurveda is more than the health system, it is widely regarded as ‘the Science of Life’ (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge). It incorporates tools such as diet, Yoga, meditation, therapeutic massage, detoxification and herbal remedies to create balance within the body.

According to the principles of Ayurveda, freedom from illness depends upon living in harmony with nature.

In Ayurveda the fundamental healing philosophy is the concept of three doshas, or basic types of energy.  These are vata (from ether and air), pitta (from fire and water), and kapha (from water and earth).  These doshas are present in everyone and everything, but one is usually predominant in any given individual.  The elements, the seasons, genetic inheritance from your parents and environmental factors, all of these contribute to the potential for imbalance within the doshas. When any of the doshas accumulate in the body beyond the desirable limit, the body loses its balance.  Ayurveda suggests specific lifestyle and nutritional guidelines to help individuals reduce the excess doshas and restore the balance.

Face & Head Treatments

Ayurvedic Forehead Oil Flow Treatment

Often called the 'king of all treatments' this treatment is unique to Ayurveda. A blissful treatment involving a continuous stream of warm oil being gently poured in a rhythmical movement over 'the third eye' chakra on the forehead. Deeply relaxing and balancing, this treatment can help to remove stress, create mental clarity and induce a sense of total wellbeing.

Traditional Ayurvedic Face Lift Massage
35 min £45 | 75 min £80 REQUEST A TREATMENT

An excellent treatment for the prevention of wrinkles and stress reduction. This massage relaxes the face muscles and stimulates facial micro-circulation and lymph flow, thereby promoting the regeneration of healthy, younger looking skin. During the massage warm herb-infused oil is applied to the whole face and massaged over energy points to increase circulation and skin elasticity.

Ayurvedic Head Massage
30 min £40 | 45 min £50 REQUEST A TREATMENT

A highly relaxing treatment focusing on the area’s most vulnerable to stress; head, shoulders, neck and face. It induces a state of calm, peace and tranquillity, whilst releasing tension and nourishing the hair. Marma points will be gently massaged to balance the flow of energy. Shiroabhyanga  can also aid scalp dryness, loss of hair and premature baldness.

Karana Purana
Ayurvedic Ear Treatment

During the treatment warm, herb-infused oil is gently, slowly poured into the ears. This lubricates the delicate filaments of the ear canal which sharpens hearing and removes impurities. It acts against the damaging effects of air and noise pollution as well as helping to calm an overactive mind.

Akshi Tarpana
Ayurvedic Eye Treatment

This is a special Ayurvedic treatment that provides relaxation to eyes and also improves the eyesight. During this unique procedure the clarified butter is poured into the dough rings and retained over the eyes for a specific amount of time. The butter nourishes and strengthens the eye structure. This is a perfect treatment for stressed, tired, puffy, watery or burning eyes.

Nasya Therapy
Ayurvedic Nasal Cleansing Treatment

A gentle facial massage is followed by a steam therapy and the application of warm, medicated oil to the nostrils, to clear and nourish the sinus passageway. It relieves chronic sinus problems such as mucus congestion, allergies, dry nasal passage, snoring. Nasya also helps to relieve headaches, migraines, stiff neck, insomnia, fatigue, and any stress related issues.